estlcam / repetier issue

I have been trying estlcam 9 since my new build, and I am really liking the features so far. Naturally I wanted to try the machine control so I used the CNC program generation in estlcam and programmed the ramps board I bought from here to control the MPCNC. It has been working great for carving and the drag knife.

In comes a laser.

I got the MPCNC image2gcode software, and made a few files.

I don’t see a method in which we can use the generated gcode in estlcam like it does in repetier host. (S codes using the fan)

So I try to use repetier host, only now the machine wont respond thru repetier. I can connect, but it just adds the commands to a que.

Works fine in estlecam for control, but not in repetier. I have rebooted ect to no avail…the com port and baud settings are the same, estlcam can always connect fine.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. Under laser in estlcam there are settings. Is there a specific way to dictate to estlcam to use the M106S codes and M107 the image2gcode generates?

  2. Is there something I need to reset/comment/un-comment in order to get the machine control back in repetier for other uses, and still be able to use estlcam? I did try the restore option in estlcam, but there was nothing to restore…no file. (I am assuming that when I reprogrammed the arduino via estlcam some settings that repetier uses changed somehow, as machine control was working before this change)

Thanks in advance

I am not positive, but pretty sure you need to re-flash the board with my firmware to get repetier control back.

OK thought so, was hoping someone had a quick solution handy. Ah well much appreciated on the response. I’ll back to that page and get crackin’.

Would love to hear if anyone can get the laser in estlcam to read and produce image2gcode files, I’ll keep checking back in hopes.