ESTLCAM Separating tools into different Gcode files.

ESTLCAM Separating tools into different Gcode files.

I have created a carving that I now need to split into different file for the tool changes.

I am suing ESLCAM to create the gcode and have no problems generating the gcode and having tool changes at part of the one file. After loading the gcode and finding out that, it will take six hours I would like to beaker it up into two to three files based on the tool changes. The problem is I cannot figure out how to create the file for each tool in ESTLCAM. Could someone please point me in the direction of how to go about this?


Only make one tool path, save. Delete the tool path make the next one save, repeat. You can save the program and the gcode for each step that way the vector does not move.

There is no automated way that I know of, without leaving the cnc on between cuts.

You will only get good results with this method with dual endstops.

Estlcam can comment the tool changes in the gcode. I manually split up the code for tool changes, then copy the starting code to the cut out parts. Just search for “change” in notepad ++, and cut out the different tool parts into a new document.


;No. 2:


;Change tool: 1/16" ball <<< This is what Estlcam puts in for the tool changes.
G00 X-6.0188 Y-5.9625 Z5.0000 F2100
G01 Z-50.0820 F3000 S24000
G01 X106.0313 F3000
G01 Z-47.0820 F3000
G01 Y-5.7375 F3000
G01 Z-50.0820 F3000

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