Estlcam setting z axis on vinyl cutting

Hi guys, my name is Paolo from Italy. I finished my MPCNC yesterday and today i’m trying to make some vynil cut but i have a trouble with z axis.when mpcnc move from toopath to an other the pen touch sheet :frowning: Can i set z axis distance when change form a toolpath to an other? thanks alot for the answer and sorry for my horrible english :slight_smile:

What software are you using to create the gcode?

It sounds like you are saying that you are using Estlcam, and the vinyl cutter isn’t lifting off of the work when traveling between cuts.

There is a setting labeled “Clearance Plane”, and that sets the Z value for travel moves. It is in the picture in step two here:

Set the “Clearance Plane” to what you want the Z axis to be when traveling between cuts.

thanks alot jeff, as you said my problem was the clearance plane in estlcam setting :slight_smile: