Estlcam: simple 3D shape

I want to cut foam to fit a bottle in it, like here:

The bottle I have is about 60mm diameter, so I made a 60mm cylinder in tinkercad, halved it and exported it in STL format (file attached - rename it from gcode to .stl, the forums doesn’t allow stl as attached file!).

Opened the STL in estlcam, didn’t make any fundamental changes (I did read all tooltips, but I didn’t feel the need to change anything), and it came out like in the video:

Sorry for the language, not at the machine now so I can’t screenshot it again in english.

It just cuts in zig-zag the vertical outline down the foam. 6mm bit, 3mm DOC. It cuts straight down, not doing a round/circle at all.

What I don’t understand is, why it does this, and also, why estlcam always generates two “.nc” files. Yes, one is for the top part, and one for the bottom part. All 3D objects in estlcam will be splitted in two parts. But why? This is not needed, I just want to cut from one side.

Unfortunal there’s no estlcam forums. The one german milling forum that actually has an estlcam subforum is super inactive.

I did the F-Nut_Trap.stl once out of wood, and worked flawless. For the Nut-Trap I also didn’t change any parameters.


Epic-Esboo-Kasi.gcode (6.33 KB)

There are two options for 3D in estlcam, one sided and 2 sided basically, try the other one. look at the output gcode as well to see what it is doing.

That gcode you uploaded is invalid.



Yeah the attached file is a STL. But the forums doesn’t allow stf-files so I renamed it to gcode.

The stl doesn’t help, if you want to attach it you can zip it. The gcode would help more. But did you see the other option for one sided 3d milling?

Yeah had to choose “free machining” instead of block machining. Still won’t mill a cylinder out of the material, but I think I know why: I probably need a negative version of the cylinder, which mills the cylinder out of the foam like a pocket. Stay tuned.

Yes, you need the negative. You have to build your part in so it knows what you want.

Yeah that was it, needed a negative of my form.