Estlcam slow preview

I have a job that uses a 45 degree carving tool for all the internal edges, and a 2mm bit for pocketing. When I hit the preview button, it will take 20-30 minutes to show me the preview. The total machining time is about 3 hours. I’m not concerned with the machining time.

I tried on two different PCs. One of them is not a slouch - 32GB RAM, Core i7-1065G7, 1TB NVMe (SSD) and 64 bit Estlcam. Same results on both.

Is there any type of optimization that I can do to speed-up the previews? I often see a mistake shortly after I hit the preview button. Since there’s no “cancel”, I have to wait for it. I can provide the project file privately. I don’t want to post my work publicly.

Sorry miss read the question is it a very large file? I am not sure there is any way to speed rendering but maybe break file into sections

I’m playing around with the tool settings to see if maybe the pocketing portion where the channels are too narrow for my pocketing bit might be causing the problem. I had the diameter of the v-bit tip set to 0.1 mm with a 5% step-over. Since the v-bit tip doesn’t really have a diameter, I’m not sure what value to use, or why Estlcam even requires it. In any case, setting it to 1mm allows the preview to render in just 3 mins. Now, I’ll see if that setting has any negative effects on the final product.

That is a fairly common tip on v-bits .1mm some are .2 .3 or more use for flat bottom or max depth. It may keep it from getting into some smaller areas speeding up the drawing

If you’re only using the v bit for the edges, you may be ok, but if it’s doing any pocketing then the different tip size will cause issues.

I’d use the actual v bit size but set a much higher percent step over for the v bit. More like 60% or so. I believe the step over is based on the size of the tip. So, 5% of point 1mm would be tiny.

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