Estlcam: Tool Setup?

I’m attempting to setup Estlcam from directions in the .docs. It shows the desired tool list as :

but the box with the right arrow and 45% below it doesn’t appear in the Estlcam table (I took a screenshot but it won’t let me upload). I’m guessing that’s a stepover setting and would likely be set for every job and perhaps it’s a different version I downloaded? I thought I’d ask before chasing wild geese.

Click on view, there’s checkboxes for all the columns. Default doesn’t show them all.

I’m missing something somewhere, when I bring up the tool list in Estlcam it doesn’t show that option as the pic above which I took from the V1 .docs.


That’s all I get.

Ahh, it changed! Click on Tool List, then view.

No joy. Right now I’m feeling like I gotta get my MPCNC online so I can start carving a CAUTION: Dumbass At Work sign. :anguished:

Alright, I may put a temporary hold on that sign, been a long day but I see what you meant. I haven’t done any of this in > 10 years and I guess I got kinda spoiled with one program doing it all.

Thanks for your help!

Paul, as Barry said, click on the words “Tool List” in your illustration, it’s not obvious but that is actually a pull down menu. When the menu appears click on “View” and it’ll give you the list of columns to display in the tool list.

I also struggled with this. When you are following the steps you have no idea at all that you have to go into some sort of menu to add or remove what to view.

We used to not have to do that. We really need to update the docs, I think that was estlcam 9.something. Christian has added a lot of features that aren’t visible by default now.

Yeah, as soon as I get the Z axis wiring tidied up I’m going to find some Estlcam tutorials on YouTube. From past experiences I have the feeling it will be easier actually doing it than reading about doing it. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking?

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No its easier hands on. The estlcam site has a good tutorial site and so does old man coding

The tutorials are still using older versions, so menus will still be different.

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Your right it’s been a long time since I was at his site

Hopefully I’m not asking too many silly questions, I’m just in unfamiliar territory at the moment.

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No questions are how we get better I’m just sorry I don’t have all the answers I use estlcam

I think I’m just more mechanically oriented, assembling the machine was enjoyable. It’s just when I learn things like Estlcam can do Gcode but I can’t send it to the Rambo without first going thru repetier host I get frustrated with myself for not mystically knowing somehow that that’s the way it is.