Estlcam toolpath orders

I need help creating the tool paths for this. I want the cut to be like the Jpeg file. I always seem to end up with a pocket that cuts out the entire center section. I was able to get this on a similar file, but cant figure it out again here. Will be using a 1/4" bit to chisel away at the large center portion, and probably a 1/8" bit for the rest. Estlcam File here

You create a pocket for the hole thing and the inside parts are going to be islands.

But what I end up with is the pocket wanting to do the entire thing like this.

You start with the “outside” operation around the stuff in the middle, then do the inside, and click island, not pocket. IIRC.

EDITED: I think I figured it out.

I’m past that hurdle and think I know what I was doing wrong. But…Now a new issue. I’m wanting to use a 1/4" 2 flute as the “roughing” bit to remove a lot of material. I have set up the tool paths using a 1/8" but and it leaves my lettrs clean cut as expected.

However the roughing pass seems to not be stopping soon enough and is cutting into my letters (seee picture).
Is there a setting to keep a cushion from previous toolpaths?

For the time being I ended up making “blocks” around the text and mountains and made a V2 of the file. This way the bit stays inside of the blocks. I can then move onto the rest of the milling using a 1/8 bit.

Yet another update. I ended up just uploading the STL and letting Estlcam do the hard work of creating the tool paths. On the screen it looks to be great. Plus, the total machine time is a LOT less than it would have been with me creating the tool paths. Less than 3 hours for this. Hopefully starting this weekend.

Very interested to see how this ends up, since I have the very same problems and questions.
Please keep us updated :slight_smile:

Ok folks, back at this same style of question here. I have a design that I wanted to use as a test. Ive tried every way possible to get Estlcam to create ONLY the paths that I want but every time it insist on milling the shape of the entire object. I’m attaching the SVG file here.

That didnt work. Link to file here

Just a simple vector image. I want it to be like the shapes in BOLD BLACK. Simply want it to mill out like the jpeg attached.


I CANT be the only one with this question / issue, yet there is no response?>?

We just got 2 new furbabies, so I haven’t had time to look into it. I’m pretty sure you need to convert it to an outline drawing, no fills. Once you get that, Estlcam should like it better.

Those look adorable. Lab mix? The JPEG is just for reference to what I want it to carve. The outline file is linked above (Dropbox).

I have to set a min toolpath depth to .1, if I could choose ‘0’ I think it would work.

Is this what you’re trying to do?

Err, this, I guess (828 KB)

That appears to be exactly what I’m trying to do. How were the tool-paths created? This file said over 22 hours but thats aparently because the axis speed is really slow. Could you link the Estlcam file.

I did link the Estlcam file in the zip that I uploaded.

This isn’t hard to do, but it does require some visualizing of toolpaths in your mind.

First thing’s first, how big are you expecting this to be? If you want it to be smaller than the the size of your desk, chances are that you need smaller end mills. Here are the ones I bought:

Once you have smaller end mills, around 1mm or so would be great for doing intricate designs like this. It’s impossible with a 1/8" end mill because the tool cannot make all these crazy motions.

Second, all you need to do is create outside toolpaths, aka use the “part” function of Estlcam on all of the small little closed shapes in the design. Once you’ve created those toolpaths, create an inside toolpath on the big closed shape of the design, using the “hole” function.

If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll make you a quick video.

I used a v bit, but haven’t had time to test it. Pups are taking all my free time. @Brian, they’re Great Danes.

Ive got a handful lof 2 flute 1/16 end mills but thanks for the link. Also, I had Estlcam v9 on the PC I was on (use to use that one for practice) but the CNC machine has v10 and it opened your working file right up.

I knew I was missing something real simple. Basically, I was doing this completely backwards. I thought I needed to use the “hole” tool and THEN create islands. Needles to say, that was wrong. Huge Thank you for taking the time to help me figure that out.

Wow, Berry. I was way off assuming lab mix. Saaif assisted me and got me on the right track. Estlcam is fairly easy to use, but boy was I stumped on this.

Now…Someone show me where I can download those fancy stl?? files that create pictures in wood. Kinda like you did with the mosaic tile. I’m wanting to use the CNC to make a book rack and have something neat carved into the ends. Is there a thingiverse of sorts for CNC folks?