ESTLCAM tries to machine entire surface

When I try to engrave or carve, I sometimes get a result that EsTLCAM wants to make a full pass over the entire surface, as if to level the material face before doing the actual engrave or carve. What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes I get it right and the machine is working perfectly otherwise.

Probably has to do with your start depth.

Rick, I’ll bet it’s the order in which you are choosing the tool paths. I had this issue and it drove me nuts. With suggestions from others here, I was able to get it. Since I’m not sure what it is your doing I can’t offer much. But you probable need to use the “part” tool and select all your text, or items, then use the hole tool and select island. I’ve been playing with other cam tools this week since it appears I was maxing out the limits of Estlcam.


I think it is the start depth. I took a tiny bit off and it didn’t try to surface the entire area.