Estlcam Tutorial Recommendation?

If anyone has a favorite, I’m all ears.

I’m not making friends too easily with it.

For example: When I went to draw the crown, I followed the instructions in the software workflow and all went according to plan and the crown went well. I was going to follow someone’s idea to put a bit in it and dirty up the machine so I reloaded the crown .dxf. Unlike the first run thru when I went to select the first line segment the entire work area turned magenta, picking other segments gave me yellow surrounding the magenta and the color areas vary with selected DOC. None of this happened the first time thru and the only thing I did differently I can think of was I had to scale it the first time thru. I can’t figure out what’s going on and get a bit antsy when I made no changes yet something sure changed.

It is probably super small compared to the size of the bit. Check out the milling basics, and estlcam basics.

It would’ve been the same size bit that came up with the crown, that’s why I thought the colors changing a bit odd, especially the area of the colored areas varying with the DOC setting. And I’d have to admit to being a bit frustrated, I’m not finding Estlcam nearly as intuitive as I did MasterCam. I may need to take an engine apart or something just to do something I’m more comfortable with. :roll_eyes:

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It will click and then you will see clearly. It is only a step away from mater iij ng it

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Yeah, I’ve just had a lot of nonsense going on and will likely benefit from a little break. I know from experience how I frequently see things more clearly when not looking.

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