Estlcam unable to open COM port

I am trying to connect the printer to Estlcam but my software keeps telling me “Unable to open COM port 19” which what comes up under ports when I plug in the Ramps 1.4 control as “USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM19)”. I have successfully connected with Repetier and drew on paper. Is there a buad setting or something I am missing for Estlcam? Estlcam definitely has the COM19 in the drop down menu in setup. See attached.

You can only connect with estlcam if you flash that firmware. Have a look throigh the basics article to see how we normally use estlcam with repetier.

So would flashing the firmware render Repetier server useless?

Repetier host, you would not be able to connect. I’m not sure what repetier server is so maybe you could still use that.

I brought a piece into Estlcam from Tinkercad and ran it through Repetier and it stopped at .41%. So I was trying to see if Estlcam was any better.

So I don’t need to use the server? I thought that was the only way to connect with it. I also want to use a camera like on my printer. Don’t I need a server to see it on my network?

No, you don’t need it. Since repetier isn’t doing the web streaming itself.

Any of the cams I have seen have been through octopi, I think. Barry did you send me a link once? I have seen a few of them now, pretty cool of you are going to trust it alone. I stand next to it the whole time.

Yep, that was for my octoprint laptop running my 3d printer. Repetier uses a 3rd party app to run the webcam, so Stuart should be able to just run the webcam app and connect to it without server running. Some of my stuff I’ve let run by itself. Usually I come back to a nice looking part, sometimes not so much! Not going to hang around for 20 hours… I’m not going to hang around for 1 hour, unless I’m just goofing around in the shop.

Estlcam has it’s own webcam control. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is in there.

That’s different. That’s to align the tool head with a workpiece. The big Kongsberg cnc cutters can do this. You print your signage to your corrugated board(it’s not cardboard!) and the cnc knife looks for your targets on the board, from there, it aligns itself and cuts out your shapes.

I’m using Octoprint for my 3D printer as well. I would like to do the same thing for the CNC but wasn’t sure about the CNC interface.

Barry, that’s actually super cool, even if it’s not applicable to this conversation.

On the topic of this conversation, I have occasionally used Octoprint just for the webcam feature while printing from SD card. I personally don’t trust octoprint for serial control on longer jobs anyway. I’ve had too many hung print jobs with my 3D printer while using Octoprint.

I’m not sure you’d want to run the router with octoprint. Not sure if it would be fast enough for those “oh shit, STOP!” moments.

@Mic Vee Octoprint is fine for long jobs, Octopi not so much. The little toy computers just don’t have the guts to run long jobs reliably. I think I’ve printed from sd card maybe twice. I have an old Dell D610 with Debian installed running Octoprint, that’s pretty much all that ever runs my printer now.

Barry, I’m glad to hear that. I also have an old Dell that I keep meaning to set up with Octoprint, but haven’t ever gotten around to it. I always suspected the Pi was the weak link.