EstlCam V9.014 - Start Position

I have not used estlcam much but I am curious what setting needs to be changed to start the cut where the router is currently positioned?
I though the setting under Setup - Basic Settings - CNC Program Start: At Origin would do this for me, but it is not.

Any Ideas? I attached the G Code and the original DXF file. I just want to cut the skull at this time, but I need to position the router where I need it.

Edit…System will not let me attach the G code of DXF.

you can zip your files to upload them.

Not sure what you are asking exactly. In estlcam is starts where the plus symbol is. The plus on the cnc is where 0,0,0 is.

You can move either

Make sure your cnc reads 0,0,0 position before you hit go, that sounds like your issue.

Move the router where you want to start the cut, then issue a G92 X0 Y0 Z0 in repetier-host. This will set your new 0 location. Normally 0 is set when you power up your ramps board, so when you hit start, it goes back to that position.

Also when you might change bits, the bit length might be different, so have your 0,0,0 a known position that touches the tip, so after you manual move it to that location, do the G92 X0 Y0 Z0 again so the print after the pause knows where it is again.

of course the marlin version here has a reset position option in the LCD dial menu if you want to tuse that as well.

Well the I moved the + symbol in Estlcam and that did the trick. Thanks guys.