Estlcam with multiple dxf's

Is there a way to import multiple dad’s into estlcam to be cut as one? For example, if I have a dxf of a tree and one of a bear, can I import both or must I use a separate program to join them and save as a single did before I do so? Also, let’s say I want to cut that out now. Is there a good program to edit dxf files? Something where I can add font, or add an outline to cut out a pattern at a specific place?

Just use
File > Insert


libreCAD is a good choice, IMO. OnShape can do it to, but you have to Wade through a bunch of 3d features to find what you want. You can basically import dxf files into a sketch, then edit it, and then export the sketch as a dxf.

The only problem I’ve had with libreCAD is the “components” don’t work right in EstlCAM, but you can select everything and explode the components right before saving. I usually have a different file with the exploded components.

I’d also like to hear if there is a way to insert multiple DXF files into one screen on Estlcam for toolpath setup. (I tried inserting as suggested but can only get one file in at a time)

File Insert works for me. Just opened 3 different dxf files on one screen.

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