ETA on printed parts replenishment?

I’m looking at purchasing a 23mm kit later this week and noticed that you were out of stock on the dw660 mount. Any eta on coming back in stock?

Also, my intention is to add a laser later on (probably the jtech one all over these forums) and was curious if i should aim for the larger power supply or is that mainly for heated beds? Ive already got a 3d printer but havent dialed in pla on it so I am planning on just splurging for some pre-printed satisfaction (lazy, i know).

I might have 3 sets ready in the morning. I will update the inventory after I pack this weekends orders. Then I get almost 1 set done a day now.

Get the bigger power supply if you are going to add the laser. It’s just easier than adding a second.

What kind of issues are you having printing PLA? Do you have an all metal hotend, they make PLA difficult. You’ll need to print faster if you do to keep the heat from creeping up the filament itself.

My PLA issues are simply that im using a davinci 1.0a that i just flashed with repetier and havent had a roll to calibrate it with yet :slight_smile: as i said, pure lazieness (and distracting kids/work). It appears i need to do a tear down this week sometime to thoroughly clean my nozzle as i had a particularily nasty jam the other night and extrusion is coming out kind of crazy instead of nice and straight. Once i get that down I should be good to go with pla after dialing in the temps

Ok, follow up… guess motivation struck and im up and running on pla. Just doing my final test print now to make sure adhesion is going good. Now i guess i need to place an order for a handful of pla spools :slight_smile: