[EU] Lowrider V2

I’m selling my Lowrider v2, was used alot, but the spindle in the image is almost new, almost 2 years warranty by LIDL.

Parts Selling:
1x Aluminium Plates KIT
5x Nema 17 Motors with GX16-4PIn connectors and Lacey 4 Wires Cable Shielded
6x Meters of 2GT Belt reinforced stell core
1x Electronic Kit CNC Chield
4x DRV8825
1x 12V 15A PSU
4x Pulley Gt2 20 Teeth
2x 150mm T8 Screw
4x Roller Blade Wheels
1x Cable Guide
1x Parkside PGS 500w (With warranty)

Im not seeling the saw dust :joy: and 3d Parts and Bearings, everyting else i can sell.

I can sell the 3D parts new, and some screws and more hardware, just ask me.

250€ Plus Shipping, i accept offers.

PS: I will add this 3D parts, but they are not very good, was done using scraps of filament i had (PLA and ABS).

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FYI, the steel belts (white) can stress fracture when it does all the bending, which leads to stretching. Have you seen any issues with that? To whoever ends up with this loved machine, some new belts might be your next purchase.

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Hi Jeffeb, thanks for the tip.

I’ve used these belts on 3 different machines, MPCNC, Root2CNC and now Lowrider, in this case of the lowrider I only use it on the Y axis, because when I tested it on the X axis, it broke the parts due to the enormous tension.

I honestly never noticed any damage to the belt, are the fractures easily visible? Is it at the top or bottom?

From the tests I did, using these reinforced straps greatly reduces the vibration when well stretched.

Some videos i made in the machine using another spindle.


I haven’t used them myself, but my understanding is that the black belts are kevlar reinforced and the white ones are steel. The steel runs inside the rubber belt, and can break, so at the point(s) where it breaks, the rubber is responsible for holding the tension instead of the steel, so it flexes. The reason is that when it is bent around the pulley, it bends it, and with enough use, it will cause a stress fracture. They may also break at the bend around the zip tie.

That is just what I’ve read here in the forums. I do like the look of them, and I suspect they work really well at the beginning, but the rumor is that they do not work well after a while, because they break.

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The problem is that the black are normally reinforced with fiberglass, buying with kevlar or a good branded belts like “Gates” will be a very more expensive, i would say most of lowrider users use the fiberglass version.

Price drop :wink:

200€ Plus Shipping

I can sell only some parts.

Hey Bozpet,

Is the Lowrider still available? Where is it located?
What about the 3D printed parts? I did not quite get it. Are they included and new or used?

Thanks & Cheers

Hi Felix

I´m from portugal, yes they are included, but they are a mix of PLA and ABS and not in the best shape, but they work.

Hi Bozpet, if it is still available I’ll have it. Please email me the total + shipping to the Netherlands and payment details: j05hu4@g m a i l . c o m