European alternative for Rambo 1.4

Hi, I’m new and currently working on a lowrider CNC.
3D printing is done and I’m now busy buying all the parts.
But I have 1 problem and that is finding a good and affordable motherboard.

I was hoping to find an original Ultimachine Rambo 1.4 board in Europe but I found out there are only clones available.

So my question:

  1. Is there a good clone for the Rambo 1.4 for sale in Europe or a website where I can buy the original board but without import cost?
  2. If the Rambo 1.4 is not available, is there another board that I can buy in Europe that is more or less the same or better?

Thanks to all for the responses and keep up the good work! You are a genius. :slight_smile:

Hi Tom

I’m in the UK. Don’t worry too much! Just get yourself a RAMPS 1.4 style board and a 2560 - the normal 3d printer stuff from your favourite online auction site.
Low Rider runs normal Marlin. I haven’t been on here for a while I do not know if the community is now recommending 32bit boards as Marlin v1.1.9 is no longer being worked on.
Here’s a link of the sort of kit I bought (sorry I don’t have the exact link anymore) eBay Ramps 1.4.

The thing to watch out for is if LCD supplied is BigTree then the LCD cabling has the wrong (reversed) IDC plug on the end so you have to file away the plastic and spin it around to get the LCD to work.
The biggest problem I had was sourcing tube (economically), In the end I go damaged 25mm galvanised electrical conduit from my local electrical wholesaler for nothing - it is not as thick as recommended but hay!

lastly, I modified the my setup to accept a 24Vdc power supply to feed the steppers and a small buck converter to supply the Arduino Mega with 12V. It gives slightly faster travel /higher torque and helps keep the steppers and drivers cooler due to lower current.

Hope this helps


There’s some movement to 32-bit boards, but there’s not a lot of need in the CNC realm at the moment. The Rambo is still the defacto standard (based on Ramps 1.4) Ryan’s looking at a few boards to pick a 32-bit standard, since it’s looking like the market is shifting that way, regardless of our needs.

Biggest problem with the Ramps solution(s) is the cheap knockoff Arduino clones. You’ll likely lose the 5V rectifier if you look at it too long… I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have two power supplies running to my MPCNC until I replace my control board. That’s assuming nothing else lets go of its magic smoke.