Evolution of the MPCNC


First MPCNC picture I have, Feb 14th

First drawing, with added mass to be sure it could handle it. (First layer sliced from the New parts I was printing for it). No Z axis at this point.

March 2015 -V1
March 7th, full dining room domination was achieved and the chandelier was forced to hold my tools! (so many of you have this same picture, we are taking over kitchen tables world wide now!)

First cuts on march 7th

This build was March 8th.

Legs did not exist yet, conduit boxes where the expected legs, you could stack them for a bigger build.
Wings on the center parts as they were all symmetrical (in case I paid for injection molds).
The stepper motor mounts did not have the extra ridge or the later (solder-less wire connectors)

Later that day…Metal, why not!? For those of you that are having a hard time with aluminum, I promise it was 10x harder back then…I thought you had to have water involved.


Took me a full day to gain the confidence to go from HD foam to aluminum…I will stop harassing those of you trying to do the same.

V1, this render says March 1st, but is has to be older. Since the motor mounts now have the rigidity ridge.

March 15th
V1.5 No wings on the outer parts but they are still in the center parts, I think this was the first released version.

March 16th
In one day, the MPCNC surpassed my 1.5year old robo spool holder that I thought was a “hit”.

March 17th
At this point as was a skilled CNC operator and no one could stop me… Pretty smooth cut on top of the previous days low poly attempt at the foam face.

March 24th
The first legs were released.

March 28th
I must have already sold one or two kits by email at this point. They must have told some friends…I took this picture and remember being terrified I had invested all my money and no one would by them.

April 1
By April first I must had already sold a kit. This picture is for my first batch of 5 for sale.

Leg V2 adjustable

July 3rd
Vicious1 HQ (1). Dam I felt like an empire mogul at this point. It was all happening so fast. Go to work, come home and run into my “office” and work all night.

July 19th
V2 Better Middle Z.
This part made a huge difference, this is also when I decided injection molds where not the direction I wanted to go.

September 25th.
I had sold everything I could, gave the rest away on Craigslist, quit my dream job at Mindflow, and move into a 6’x8’ room with no closet and started to work out of the Bay Area. (Thanks Geiser’s, I could not have done it without you!) Emotions…Scared, extremely scared. That feeling lasted about 3 more years (not exaggerating). Now I am just at Panic 80% of the time.

October 27th
Corner V2

dkj4linux had a build or two done.

December 29th
Vicious Circle HQ (2)
Martinez is a little colder than San Diego…severely rethinking the move and decision to work in a unheated garage. Had to re-flash my printers to start up below 5C.



Barry started his first build.
Jason was getting the ball rolling.

Jeffeb3 started his build

March 17th
Slightly less scared, I had a few months money now.

March 25th
Trying to increase production and unhappy with the import printer I just bought, I made my own.

April 27th

5/25/16 V3
The 525 was released (none of us could come up with a name)

The 25.4" version was released.

July 21
Really thought I would be good with 6 printers…Started replacing the other 4 They are all MP3Dp’s now…and 7 of them.

July 27
Vicious1 HQ (V3)

Sept 12
Bill started his build

October 19th
First sign of the new logo?

Dec 12



Jan 7th
The LowRider was born.

March 25th
MRRF 2017, my first, just visiting. Silver sponsor

Ron’s build before I ever met him. I texted this picture to everyone that might care!

And Now I was all pumped up and didn’t feel like such and outsider, came around the other building and lookie here!!! Two freaking MP3DP’s…and a nice little note with QR code on where to get them…I loved that.

May 16th
Almost stuck with this one.

June 25th
Took Saturday off to not do CNC stuff…So I flipped on over and stuck it to a table.

August 10th
Zen XY

August 30th
Inside HQ (V3)



Burly Mpcnc V4


Place holder


Place holder

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Place holder

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The lowrider was created because a few dumbasses kept making huge mpcncs. :rofl:

5 foot square will just about fit a half sheet of plywood.


Ryan, this is awesome. Thanks for putting this together.

I had to look at my build thread to see when I started. It was March, 2016. I am shocked that was over 4 years ago. I remember asking in TV, “what is the hardest part to print? I want to make sure I can print it before I start everything”. And Ryan responded right away. The vitamins from your store got me started and I have had a CNC machine ever since.

I vaguely remember not being that active, and coming back to the forums a few months later. I have been here often ever since.

So great to take a look at how much change has happened in these short years.

Thanks Ryan. :clap:


I guess I was solidly onboard by Dec 2015… with a couple of larger-format (4’x3’ and 4’x4’) needle-cutter machines (one on wall, one on work table)

Thanks, Ryan!


October 2016 for me for the MP3DP stuff, I’d already built my MPCNC but I’m going to have to get on a different machine to find those emails. Aha! Looking at my pictures on the phone, I started assembly on the MPCNC on September 12, 2016.


I will try to dig through my pictures to piece together more of the timeline and any other fun pictures along the way. I am enjoying the look back.
PS Thanks to you guys I am still here and having more fun than ever…seriously who would have thought we would make it this far.

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For some reason, this popped into my head…


This is really cool. Makes me wish I would’ve gotten into this kind of stuff earlier and stumbled upon you guys back in the beginning of it all.

I remember randomly finding a youtube video about the MPCNC while working on the road at the beginning of '19. I had been dipping my toes into woodworking for about a year or so. I kicked around the idea for a while and watched as many youtube videos as I could about it. Then I finally stumbled across these forums. After seeing how welcoming and helpful of a place it was, I decided I needed to be a part of it!


I got my printer on Dec 26th of 2015:

By Dec 27th at 10:42PM I had my first part…that part is actually still installed on that printer (it was meant as a LCD mount, but now it’s used as a wiring standoff)

Not sure exactly what day I started building the MPCNC (I could probably figure it out searching some old threads on flitetest.com) but by Feb 20th I had the corners printed as that’s the next photo in my archives:

Six days later I had a center section:

By March 10th I appear to have pretty much all the parts ready:

But…that black filament was absolute trash. I had parts crack across layer lines and break while they were just sitting on my desk a day after printing.

I was on a crazy tight budget at the time. My wife was not very happy about me spending money on the MPCNC…but she was curious enough and impressed with seeing it come together so she didn’t complain and let me keep going. But that lousy black filament slowed me WAY down. I was also having some extruder issues with my printer.

But by March 13th I had a first test assembly:

And realized my plans were too big. I needed it that size to cut 20"x30" sheets of foam board…but I didn’t have room to set it up and work on it at that size! So scaled back to get it working while tried to get my shop cleaned up enough for the fullsize machine:

Since I didn’t trust any of the black parts…and was now sure it had to live in my shop where things get kind of warm in the summer…I decided to reprint the whole thing in PETG. I splurged and got nice filament from Atomic for it too since at this point I had a good feeling it was worth it. I also designed some upgrades for the extruder on my printer around this time and got it working much better.

April 30th I had all the parts reprinted in PETG and started wiring. I had my first moves late that night before I went to bed:

Sunday May 1st 2015 at 6:15PM I did my first “real” test with a pen and made my daughter a penguin:

May 3rd I mounted a dremel with a dremel grinding bit and tried engraving dollar tree foamboard:

By Saturday I had successfully used the dremel to carve a coaster for my boss…he still uses it daily:

May 13th I started experimenting with David’s needle cutter:

But spent most of that weekend cleaning out my shop to make room for the big table.

I could go on…but…the rest is documented in other threads already :smiley:


I was just writing a new topic to document my new printer build, and discobot was nice enough to recap my builds for me:


Jason I remember most of those pictures!!!

Heffe, Even I do not have a list that cool!

Updated 2015-18 in the first posts.

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Don’t forget your mentions in Digital Machinest magazine.


I saw that on my table in one of the pics, Odd I had all of them framed and hanging above my desk. Not sure why they are not in the pictures. Either right before I got the frames or right before I moved and took them down. Gotta track down dates, for that and HAD, ASME, Big events for me.

You just made me look up when Frozen came out… time flies by lol.