Hey guys, I’m pondering getting into the CNC router game, and I like the ideas here with the MPCNC.

In the end, I’d want to be cutting some bigger stuff 48x48", etc. But it seems like this system should be pretty easily expandable, and it would be easier to get something up and running and testing it using a pen on paper (rather than router and wood) in my office, on a much smaller platform.

Could I start out by building MPCNC on 12" or 18" conduit, and then later just replace the conduit with 36" or so, and recalibrate, and be good to go? Is that a bad idea for some reason I’m not thinking of yet?

Thanks, all.

Best way to do it!

4’x4’ is asking a lot depending on your expectations. As long as you understand what I put down in the FAQ’s you’ll be fine.

I saw the note about extra mid-span supports. I haven’t yet seen those implemented anywhere? They would have to just be small point supports from the bottom, to keep from interfering with the bearing slides, yes?

It’s all long term, I just wanted to see if it would be as easy to expand the dimensions as it seems.

Start small, work up.


Hey Nick. That’s exactly what I did. Started out with the recommended starter size then upgraded to about 5’ square, which gives about a 4’ square cutting area. Somewhere in the build section I’ve got photos of my build. There are a few this size now, so far I’ve not heard of any issues, but you will need mid span supports, and I wouldn’t go much bigger. I’ve not cut anything this big yet though, about 30" in diameter so far, but the extra space was needed.