Extended use and general FAQ

After loads and loads of research for traditional CNC routing my maker friend just tosed the lowrider at me.

Since I’m going to jump into this i have some questions.

I read that once everything is dialed in and a break in period is complete rechecking screw tesnsion.

  • For those that have gone with end stops and getting everything (feed rate etc..) dialed in, how often are you re-tensioning the belts/parts and have you experienced parts breaking or stretch belts overtime?
  • What is a realistic cut quality for each axis using recommended cut rates "0.003 or 0.03 ?
  • Using the DWP611 have you gotten to a point where your worried the spindle will catch fire or implode?
  • What would be a realistic runtime where the system should rest vs going 24/7?
  • I will be cutting 0.75 cabinet melamine & plywood. Would downward spiral bits be the most ideal?
  • Using the store as my parts base what is the turnaround time? I noticed most parts seem on par with the open market, would purchasing the Rambo put some additional coin in for the designer in addition to donations?
Thank you.
  • Most users don't have end stops on the Low Rider. Once things are dialed in you shouldn't ever have to re-tension the belts or hardware unless you make changes to your geometry.
  • Cut quality is going to be determined by your build, there's no real answer to this until you get there.
  • You are unlikely to have any issues with the DWP611 until it's got enough use on it to require new brushes, and I don't remember anyone on the forums getting to that point yet.
  • Run time is really going to be determined by you again. You have to physically be at the machine during any cut operation for safety, and you're unlikely to want to do that 24/7. If you hire help and run three shifts you should be able to run indefinitely. Check with manufacturer specs to see how that affects maintenance on the DeWalt.
  • I'd lean toward single flute spiral bits for your use and set DOC to what you can evacuate chips at. Downward will be best with thinner stock, you may see some issues with getting the chips out of the way at full depth. A good air handling system to pull them out will help a bunch, upcut bits will help even more, at the sacrifice of potentially more rework to clean the top edge.
  • Ryan is really good with shipping parts that are in stock quickly. The impression I get currently that the potential slower items would be the flat pieces and the Rambos. If they're in stock they'll be fast, if they're not in stock it'll take longer.