Extruder motor not turning.

So its a ramps 1.4 board bought from this site and an mk8 extruder also from this site. If i plug the motor into another axis it will run. But when plug into the right spot it does nothing. Any tips on what to check?

There is a lot more to it. Extruders has a safe min temp, meaning it will not move until it is above it, (in our case 170). Start there. It could be any number of things. Have you updated to a firmware ready for extruding my default firmware has the thermistors turned off?

This was the first MP3DP i built. It was running fine before i stored it to remodel my makerspace. The hot end was heated to 210, i was trying to load some filament. I haven’t updated the firmware in awhile. But it should still extrude.

What Board?

If it worked before and nothing was touched that is really hard for me to diagnose. If the nozzle was hot and registered on the screen as such nothing should have prevented it from moving. With no filament loaded it still didn’t move? I am not sure where to start other than just swap the drivers or make sure the voltage is correct.

Ramps 1.4 I’m not sure either. Its weird. Ive been thinking about loading new firmware for the rambo mini but i wqnted to use the rambo for the lower rider.

You can change the pinouts in the firmware to use E1 instead of E0, swap the two sets of numbers.

Or your driver just crapped out, try swapping drivers and see it somehow it went bad by itself.

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