Extruder not consistently pulling filament

So i have purchased all parts for the mpcnc and the extruder from the shop here. I started with all of the recommended slic3r settings from here https://www.v1engineering.com/import-extruder/ . I then tried to troubleshoot the problem and changed a lot of settings like the extrusion multiplier, layer height, and speed. None of this helped so I tried using Matter Control, but the problem persisted.

So the problem is that my prints are missing lines in the infill and the perimeter. So for example I have been printing the calibration box. It prints the bottom perimeter fine and then starts filling it in. Everything seems to be going fine but then the extruder stops pulling filament. It isn’t unable to pull the filament (I mean there is not tension, the filament has a bunch of slack, and i have tried this multiple ways), but the motor pulling it through seems to shut off. I can hear it turn off. So the printer misses a few lines, and then I can hear the motor kick back on, filament is being pulled through again, and it comes out of the nozzle fine. This repeats constantly throughout the print. It will miss lines in the infill and the perimeter.

I know some of these pictures show other problems like over/under extrusion, but I was changing a lot of settings to see if anything would have it print consistently. I’m pretty sure it is not a software problem or something that can be fixed by adjusting something in slic3r.

Thanks in advance for trying to help

Did you set the voltage on the extruder driver and are all three jumpers under it? I believe I have some test gcode up on the extruder page did it work for you?

I have all the jumpers under the extruder driver, but I did not set the voltage for it. I think that is probably the problem, so thank you! I will try that out when I am home a little later. I can’t seem to find the gcode test though, where is that?

Thanks again

Very end of this, https://www.v1engineering.com/import-extruder/

It might still have the heated bed enabled if you don’t have one just delete the line with the bed temp 5th or 6th line I believe. I might have fixed it but I can check after I get out the day’s orders.