Extruder Wiring Rambo 1.4

I’m looking for some clarification on how to finish wiring my extruder (purchased from V1 Engineering). Namely, I’m unsure of how to connect Fan 0 and the 4 pin cable coming from the extruder itself (is this the green cable?).

[attachment file=104322]

I’m thinking this extruder/green cable (whatever it’s called) wants to connect to E0, but the connector doesn’t fit in that part of the Rambo. Similarly, for the fan, it is a different form factor than the mosfet connector labeled Fan 0.

Below is a shot of the board in case there are other unkown unkowns I’ve bumbled into:

[attachment file=104323]

That’s weird, the stepper motor for the extruder should have the same end as the other steppers. The end will either need changed out, or you need a different stepper.

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Good to know. Am I right that it wants to connect to E0? I think the pins all line up correctly but there are some small plastic protrusions on the green cable that mean it won't fit into the plastic case around the pins on the Rambo. Looks like that plastic isn't there on the ramps.

And in terms of the fan, same thing? Basically in both cases I should snip the ends and attach the proper form for what I'm plugging into on the Rambo?

Yea, that should work.

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Those pull of of the Rambo board pretty easy.

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