Extruder wont turn

Since I 3d printed last I have moved the machine to a new house and I flashed https://www.v1engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/RC7_MPCNC_LCD_9916.zip . Tonight I was getting setup to print and I noticed the extruder was not turning. So I plugged the extruder and the extruder driver/chip into the X port. Sure enough the extruder moved when I moved the X. so I plugged the X steppers into the Extruder port and well they didn’t move when moving the extruder from the LCD.

So it’s not the Cable/Driver or stepper motor? Could it be the board itself? What pins on that 4 pin going to the extruder should I test with multi meter and what should I be getting?

Is it the firmware? I’m using e0 port, is that firmware using e1? Does it have to be turned on in the firmware?


=/ I googled it… It said the print head wont move unless the print head is heated up… I will check tomorrow…

at least 170

Silly me, been a while since the machine was printing. It’s printing right now. Seems to be doing fine. Thanks.