Facing Material

For those using the DW660… what do you use for facing wood before carving into it?

When I first got started i just used a 1/4 endmill with a 25% step over and it took a wile but did an alright job. Now I use a spoilboard cutter from Whiteside and it works MUCH better. I will include some pics from there catalog of the cutter. Whiteside does have an Amazon store but the spoilboard cutter isnt on it for some reason, and you cant order form them directly but you can contact them and they will put you in contact with one of there local dealers and order through them, If your in the central Arkansas ares that is Steel Sales in North Little Rock but if not they will get you to who you need to order. i really like Whiteside there prices are not bad at all and thee shipping time is fast. I got my cutter for around $25

Chris that looks great for $25. I’ll look into that myself. For the time being I’ve been using this http://www.ebay.com/itm/221984371554

Works great. Not its intended purpose, but does the same job. I just remove the bearing.