Father's Day Deals

Just looking around at what good deals there are during fathers day sales.

I got my dad a Hitachi 12v lithium drill but I gave it to him today so that we could return it and get one of the deals below.

These are all pretty good deals on drills with fast chargers and two lithium batteries for $99.

The Milwaukee form factor is very handy. Not the most powerful drills, but they will get the job done. We use the bosch versions at work and have been beating the crap out of them for years. As far as I can tell they are nearly identical. Plus this kit has an impact with it.

This Dewalt doesn’t come with an impact, but it does have two 20v (actually 18v) lithium batteries.

This is the one we are hoping to get tomorrow if any are left in stock. Makita drill and impact kit