feeds and speeds

I am very slowly figuring out how to put together a basics page without being overwhelming and still usefull, but this video popped up today and the others that he has linked are top notch as well.

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I’ve seen some of his other stuff (recognize the voice) and they all seem to be decently done.

I like the way he tries things and it doesn’t always work out right, lots of trial and error.

Thanks for the link Ryan, have now watched these videos and they are very informative for beginners. In his first video Winston references the book by Edward Ford - “Make: Getting Started with CNC”, bought this book through Amazon and highly recommend this book to anyone starting out, I continually go to this book as I get up to speed with CNC.

That looks like the perfect book for sort of thing. Just from what I see on the amazon preview this starts from not really knowing what a cnc machine is, depending on how deep it dives it might be good for all of us.

I might have to go take a look at it at a book store to see it there is anything in it for me. There are always little nuggets of information, but I have a few unfinished books looking mighty neglected right now.