Filament amount for A and B

How much filament does it take to make the A parts and B parts? I understand it is 2.2kg all together, I am just trying to figure out if I have enough PLA on hand to print each color. I am hoping either A or B is less than a roll. I have plenty of PETG but not really in colors I would want to print in.

I was curious about the answer to your question, so I tossed the parts into Prusa Slicer. I used the minimum 45% infill (70% for the Core), Cubic infill pattern, and only two perimeters. I get the following:

Color A: 1170g
Color B: 870g

Ryan as variable infill recipe that can be used of 70%/30%/70% for the core that resulted in a 110g savings for Color B, bringing it down to 760g.

From the docs, “The core can be printed with variable infill to save time and plastic. 70%/30%/70% split at 24mm and 116mm.”

Personally for my Primo build, I went with 3 or 4 perimeters, and 50% infill for everything but the core. Other infill patterns may use more or less filament. Also, I had a couple of parts that failed and had to be reprinted, chewing up some additional filament.

not really in colors I would want to print in.

I don’t know how well it would hold up, but there is spray paint.

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Thanks, I guess I could have done that I just figured it would have be known already since these builds are documented so well. I think I am going to flip the core and core pieces and I should have plenty of wiggle room with color selection.

I have seen the recommendation to print the core with varying infill but I have no idea how to do that.

I’ve not seen this info come across the forum, which is why I spent a bit of time calculating. But this info is really soft. First, the people who build MPCNC machines tend to make their own choices with respect to infill percentage, number of perimeters, and other 3D printing settings, which all have an impact on filament use. Second, there is no agreement on the type of infill to use, and that can have a big impact on filament use. For example, if I look at the core printed at 70% infill, I get the following for filament use from Prusa Slicer:

Gyroid - 429g
Cubic - 448g
Honeycomb - 484g
3D Honeycomb - 568g

While I don’t know overall percentage, but when a bunch of us on the forum were upgrading from the Burley to the Primo, there were a number of failures in printing the core. A failure like that can chew up a bunch of filament.


I am about to start, I am using triangles for infill and probably just going with the standard 45% infill. I usually print 3 perimeters but I might switch to 2 since I am using a .6 nozzle.