Filament quality

I want to pick up some of your experience with filament quality.
I bought 2 rool of PLA 1.75mm Name brand: AMZ3D on Amazon. One red and one black.
When I print with the red one everything goes well but when I try the same with the black, the filament seems to melt between the nozzle rod and the gear who feeds it. It cuts there and continue to be feed out and gets out on the side of the extruder not in the normal path into the nozzle.
When I put back the red filament everything is fine again.

Do you think quality of filament can be different from color to color?
This sounds very weird to me. I tough quality could be different from one company to another but from the same company it doesn’t make sense to me.
Have you experience such thing?

Yes. Normally it is a wider more noticeable temp gap in natural vs. color, but between colors I have only ever noticed a few degrees at most usually none.

I have had several times, many many times where I get a filament roll labeled wrong. I even had a whole shipment labeled wrong at a previous company.

Do you think I could succeed using it at a lower temperature? At the moment, I am heating at 202 degrees. Maybe it’s too hot for the black filament?

Can you show a picture of the issue. It does not sound like a temp thing really.

Well, I have new information. It is clearly not a matter of red or black because tonight I had the same problem with the red filament.
It seems that at one point the extruder no longer can push the filament in the nozzle. It like even if the nozzle heat is at over 200 degrees, it can no longer extrude melted filament.
At the moment the nozzle and the threaded shaft are full of filament but nothing comes out. How can I clean it? I can not use it anymore.

Do you have the 3 jumpers under the extruder driver?

Did you set your nozzle size to .4mm? layer height? Print speed?

Either your hardware/software settings are wrong or you have a clogged nozzle, I don’t think it is a temp thing at all.