Filament sale

Just thought I would post this as an option for those looking for cheap filament 10kg for $100 that’s only $10 a roll.


Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered a rainbow of colors that I’ll never use! :joy:

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Great price. This is PLA Plus, which means that its mechanical properties are “unknown.” Have you printed any of this brand of filament, and if so, what did you think?

I personally have not. A friend of mine has and says it has printed well. Strength and durability is unknown.

Thanks. I got some too. Ought to carry me through a few projects.

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Monoprice (where I just dropped $16-17 on some PLA regular) shows a comparison in the properties. Oddly enough PLA+ has LOWER mechanical properties than regular PLA, EXCEPT in ductility/impact. So - depends on your application. Personally most of my prints are static in nature, so I typically default to PLA regular (so far) but still want to experiment with PLA+ a bit to understand more. CNC Kitchen (HEY how appropriate) did a video on this, and I’ll add the monoprice PDF link too.

Mechanical Properties of MONOPRICE filaments:

Link to video:

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That chart is not the best because it only applies to monoprice filament. PLA+ really means that it is standard PLA pluss some extra stuff… the extra stuff differs between brand. So unless there is data on this brand it is an unknown. Still good for general printing projects. But I might not use it for a full mpcnc build. :slight_smile:

Edit to fix an auto correct :slight_smile:

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All fair points. :metal:t2:
I was honestly surprised. I figured “it’s plus, it has to be better!” (When I was looking at the monoprice stuff) but the engineer in my had to look up the properties and I was surprised.

Agreed. Just a datapoint for awareness.


It probably is better in some aspect. There are a lot of aspects of filament, most places add extra stuff for a good reason. Sometimes it is strength, others it is flexibility, others it melting point, etc… the question is “is it better for you?”

I think most of my projects don’t require the extra stiffness of an mpcnc or the heat tolerance of abs. Pretty sure I’m not alone there, either. And for ten bucks a roll…that’s a lot of crap to sit on a desk, lol.
Definitely nice to remind people who aren’t familiar with it.

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It’s so much plastic, lol. Maybe not really, but I usually only get two rolls at a time…

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When did you place your order? I ordered on 4/15 and haven’t received a tracking # yet.

I got mine too and they did not send a tracking number. Mine came ups.

16th. Looks like it shipped out of Miami, so maybe give it a couple more days. I also didn’t get a tracking number, but my confirmation email had some contact info.

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No contact info on my confirmation e-mail, just the e-mail address itself. I replied asking for an update but haven’t heard anything yet. I’ll give it a few more days.

Yeah, probably nothing to worry about, but before I forget…

Phone: [+1 (334) 652-9744]

has anyone seen their current sale?
79.99 for 10 rolls


Yeah I got that email today. So far I’ve only run through 2 1/2 spools, but so far it’s good stuff.

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I agree it prints pretty smooth, I wish they would do another batch of Gold pigment , they haven’t had any since this thread started and it went out of stock before I bought a pile

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