Filling Conduit for Rigidity

I am building a 4x8 table and I realize I’m going to be doing a lot of experimentation as a result. I assume I will need a way to increase the rigidity of the long axis. I have seen some folks use multiple pieces of conduit as one solution and there has been talk about using 1" conduit.

Has anyone tried filling conduit with something like epoxy (maybe with a filler added)? Doing the math it seems that 3+ litres of a filling solution would be required. Would the epoxy cure properly inside the full length of the conduit? Any recommendations?

Tubes are stronger than rods, filling them will make it flex more.

Thanks Barry.

It appears that multiple pieces of conduit, or larger conduit are the ways to go.

1" conduit is a little smaller (in surface area) than two pieces of 3/4" but only around 11% (approx). And it might be cleaner and simpler.

Are there any plans for a 1" conduit mpcnc? Perhaps even just for the middle section?

Maybe I should forget filling the conduit or waiting for a 1" version and just go with what Fernando is doing…

A 25.4mm version will be coming as soon as all the parts that need updating get updated. No ETA yet.