Final outline deeper

What would cause this? I’m printing 1mm deep with a total depth of 1mm using a .125" (.3mm) endmill. The cut in either linear or parallel at 1mm is flat, but then the bit raises and lowers for the outline (at the end of the gcode), and cuts a hair deeper.


Sounds like you have 2 operations and one is set to the wrong depth?

It could be what vicious just said. Most likely.

Just another suggestion, last time I had that it was because my Z coupler was not well tightened. It just dropped down a little during the very last path. I had a hard time finding that…

Check also that your Z motor doesn’t miss step and that your Z axis rod can turn freely. It is more likely to stall during lifting, in which case it will go deeper and deeper.

I’ll second that. I was having issues exactly as you describe - The Z would end up going deeper that it should as the job progressed, due to missed steps on lifts. The solution, in my case, was to slow down the Z movements a bit and lubricate the threaded rob with some better grease. Since then it is spot on!

In that case make sure you are on the correct version of the software and have your z rapids set accordingly.