Finally built one. Though mine is not based on the MPCNC

Finally built it. Inspired by Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus Table (
Absolutely fell in love with it when we saw it in Maker Faire New York in 2016.
Couldn’t have happened without +Ray Kholodovsky’s +Cohesion3D Mini (that he sent to me when he heard about the idea). Instructable to come.

Thanks Ryan and Bill for your help yesterday. Changed my disk magnets to an N52 cylinder (20mm x 10mm) that I got from Amazon (you have to love prime and their one day delivery in these situations). Also, used Baking Soda instead of sand as advised by Bill.

I’m using a cohesion3D Mini (just because I got it free for this project) with TMC2100 drivers. Absolutely silent !!

Thanks again.

Very cool. I like the star and crater patterns. I’m assuming that was with some kind of cookie cutter type thing before automating it? My zenXY is still banished to the basement. I really need to get more time for my hobbies :slight_smile: