Finally got started, but missing part from kit

I bought the kit a few months back but only got started now. It will be a 24"x36" router based CNC for light woods and foam.

However, the kit I received does not have the part shown. I have included a shot of the part in my kit this is supposed to attach to.

Is this a change?

The parts in those instructions were released on 5/25/16. Where did you buy old parts from?

I bought those parts directly from you.

The paper print was taken from the curent build instructions on your site, just printed out to take to the bench.

When you said a few months ago I took it literally.

No big deal, those parts work the same, the assembly is not that much different. Let us know if something is confusing and we will get you going.

Thank you.

So I just ignore the missing red part?

By the way, the kit box was postmarked 5/16/2016… which is why I said a few months ago. I should have been more specific. Sorry. :slight_smile:

you should have fender washers and small speed washer instead.

Your bottom part will look like this.
Google Photos
Google Photos

I don’t think the motor mount will have the screws, I ended up never using them.

Thanks Barry. Any more shots that you have using these parts would be much appreciated.

Evidently there have been many iterations but the assembly instructions were not saved with each version. I see stuff in my kit that appear nowhere else… and stuff elsewhere that I don’t have.

I’m sorry, the parts and instructions were updated 7 months ago, a few weeks ago as I updated the site I got rid of most of the old instructions. Some of the old instructions are actually still there, further down the page of the current instructions.

I had to take them off as it was confusing many people. I can’t win sometimes.

here is the version before yours.

Great! If they are still there they would be very helpful.

Off to take a look.

We posted close together. That PDF is the one I have. I posted it in my earlier question in another thread.

I registered to say that you should try to add a version control system to your assembly pages. Maybe you can use wiki software for assembly as many of those support revision history. An example of a site with revision history implemented in a usable way is