Finally ready to show off my first MPCNC!

It’s taken me over a year to complete this project. In the beginning, I didn’t even own a 3d printer. I borrowed a broken 3d printer from someone at work that his wife wanted out of their house. Spent a week or so fixing it and then printed out all of the parts for the 1" OD MPCNC out of PLA, and I ended up using stainless steel tubing. I was so facinated with 3d printing that I ended up letting the MPCNC collect dust as I perfected my 3d printing techniques. Now that I have that pretty much under control, I finally turned back towards the CNC. This last weekend, I started with the crown design / pen, and ended up getting some awesome results out of line drawings I found on Google and converting them in Inkscape.

The only real issues I had with the build was the feet being so delicate when I tightened the bolts. I found a beefier design on thingiverse and printed them out in ABS. Pretty bulletproof now.

I still need to run some power cables through the cable chain for both 110V and 12V, and add a spoiler board. Hopefully this weekend I can start cutting some wood! Please yell if you see anything I did wrong :slight_smile:

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That looks great. Smart that you took some pictures before you get it dirty.

That fan isn’t blowing into the enclosure, is it? You’ll end up with a bunch of sawdust everywhere, and that will get filled (even if you follow it with a shop vac).

I also like the recliner. I need on of those near my CNC.

Two things…1-wayyyyyy to clean, yuk, jeez man pull yourself together. 2-Teh lower z mount should sort of support the couplre to prevent the spring effect, super easy fix.

Other than those, great job. Looks like you have done the right thing and enjoyed the build. Now that you understand the 3D print stuff I think you will find most of the machines functions are much much easier, milling can be a littel tricky until you know what a good cut sounds like but then, smooth sailing.

Glad to have ya on board!

Yeah, I have the fan blowing outwards. Inside the box there’ s a large hole where the wires are coming in which should be sufficient for the intake. I might still add a filter to the outside to help avoid anything getting in the box.



I’m not sure what you mean about the lower z supporting the coupler. What do I need to change? Oooh. I understand what you mean, I’ll make that change when I get home to day :slight_smile:

Sorry it is hard to put into words and pictures, the last set of instructions on this page,

First cuts! Don’t really know what I’m doing yet :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Still looks amazing, you seem to be doing great.

Added the spoilboard today and 3d printing out some clamps. hope to really make some sawdust tomorrow

Learning how to engrave:

Getting Better!

Lots of detail and it looks great. Speeds look pretty good, how fast are you moving 15mm/s?

yes, 15 @ 2.5mm depth

Congrats, that’s really nice work. Good to see you managed to dial it in.

OK, I feel comfortable engraving now :slight_smile: Next I need to start cutting some things out or cutting holes. Does anyone know of a good tutorial on the basics of routing and ETSLCAM? What settings / speeds to use in ETSLCAM for a 1/8 single flute? I’m going to start using 3/4 inch MDF to practice.

A little easier now that there is a finishing pass built in.

Very nice build. I am in the process of building my own mpcnc. Out of interest what tube lengths did you settle with X Y & Z ??? Cheers. Rodger (New Zealand)

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One More:



Looks good, I miss that show.

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