Fine dust on rollers

Did anyone figured out how to keep fine dust accumulating on bearings?

Better maintenance unless you want to create some kind of scraper. But then, the dust falls back on the rollers. You could design a small diameter tube to blow these clean as the machine works. Something like aquarium tubing with a high-pressure blast of air aimed at each of the bearings. Maintenance is the best, and easiest solution. Get a small compressor and blow out the bearings when you finish a job. Easiest and allows you to visually check each bearing. Always the best way to go.

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Mike, that’s kind of what I’m doing now, works well when I do small projects and vacuum removes dust sufficiently well.

Problem came when I start using it for slab leveling, there’s so mush saw dust that vacuum shoe gets clogged along the way and it’s nothing but mess after that and a lot of bearing scraping.

I’ve not noticed it causing any issues with my cuts. I knock it off every now and then with a clean paint brush while it’s cutting something.