Fingers crossed...Tom S is building one Probably

Nervously awaiting the fallout, positive or negative…


Great news!!! I can’t wait to see how Tom’s machine looks and works!

Oh that’s cool! He doesn’t sound extremely optimistic about the end product but I think he will be impressed. It is a good design.

I saw the 3D Printer he converted to a use a spindle. The MPCNC doesn’t suffer from a lot of the same flaws he mentioned with that build.

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I’m banking on that. Under promise, over deliver. If I can still be surprised at my own machines capabilities, I am sure it can really knock your socks off if you don’t expect much.

I just convinced my carpenter buddy a few days ago. He was of the “I can do it better by hand” mindset. We did a simple carving and now he has to have one!

Nice. I agree. Hopefully he thinks he’ll get a lump of coal, and when he spends the time on the CAM and actually makes some shiney parts with it, he’ll be too proud of his work to be anything but happy.

Hopefully he found the right sized nuts and bolts!

Again, we don’t need his benediction to know it works well, the gallery is full of awesome projects being made with this machine and people using it everyday.

I just hope he’ll give it a fair review, and that he’ll come to our awesome forum to get proper support, advices and love :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we could use his help troubleshooting too.

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That’s awesome Ryan! I bet the only thing he runs into is the “tighten this one, don’t tighten that one” bits but you have it all very well explained and documented. I wished and wished that there was s similarly comprehensive set of instructions for the MP3DP but when all was said and done was happy that there wasn’t as I got to “know” a lot of very kind and helpful (and supportive and persistent) people on the forum. You have no idea how many gateways the MPCNC and MP3DP have opened up in my world. Even the knowledge I’ve gained about things like Arduino which prior to the MPCNC I knew existed but knew nothing about. So many places I’m going to go with just that thread of knowledge growing.

V1 Engineering has changed my life!

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Love the build, but couldn’t understand a word he said. :slight_smile: