Finished primo build 29x46 work area

Well I finally finished it. I started off almost 3 years ago building a burly and never got around to actually putting it all together. I bit the bullet two months ago and assembled it only to find it so out of square even with the frame perfectly square that I decided to start over with the primo version and followed through to the end. My original plan was for a 30x48 work area but between my mounts and dust collection I’m at 29x46 so still not to bad.

I printed this in polymakers PLA pro with an extra wall and minimum of 60% infill on all my pieces with 80% on the main piece.

Thanks to all on the forums who helped me with the many questions I posted. If it hadn’t been for some of you I am not sure this would have been completed.


Already pulling it apart to put taller legs on it. I’m adding 1.5 inches. I wanted to be able to flatten a 2” slab at some point and was finding with a spoil board down 1.5” was hard to get a bit in with any kind of length.

Took me a while but I was able to get all 4 corners back to within 3-5 hundredth of a mm over 60” rail span. I would consider that more than accurate enough.