Finished the Intermediate 2.5D Tutorial

Milled from oak. I first practiced with pine and it just can’t maintain such thin walls. Oak is considerably harder and I really had to slow down the feed rate. I learned A LOT from doing this tutorial. I did it using the bed as zero and then the topside of the material. I found it much easier to figure the depth of each cut starting on the topside.

Worth it right?!! I love mine, looks classy and I learned a lot.

Beautiful. We want more pictures of it!! :smiley:

Absolutely worth it! Thank you so much for doing the tutorials. I’m going to practice more with Estlcam and then start working on the Fusion tutorial. I use Fusion for all my modeling so I want to learn how to use its CAM function. Estlcam is really easy and will handle most of my needs, so I bought a license.

This is the first time I’ve seen this, and now I have to do it.

I want to do some fusion tutorials even though they are all over youtube, some specific to us. I am getting pretty good with both and I must say Estlcam is a great deal easier and faster and does not lack anything too important. You are so much more likely to screw up a fusion CAM than estlcam…

The only thing that I could think of to make estlcam easier would be a tree, with order of operations. Fusion has one but it will shuffle each time you add an operation so when you get to the end you need to organize them before post.

Where are these tutorials ?