Finishing allowance isn’t correct or something.

So I’m working on this flag again. I’ve cut it with a 90° V bit down to 3mm max depth, looks awesome. I changed the but to a 1/8” double flute and set Estlcam to cut the insides of the stripes with a pocket and a 3mm allowance. It cut it, but didn’t cut enough out on the outer edge. I changed it to 2mm and it did a little better. Was wanting to ask if there’s anything I’m doing wrong because I’d prefer not to mess this up. Pictured is 2mm allowance.

[attachment file=58804]

It would be a lot easier just to carve the whole thing with the Vbit, the project looks small enough.

The way you are doing it your depth of cut will need to be dead on. It should be 3mm, but it it is not that means you did not start at Z zero initially.


ok. The entire thing is around 10”x20”.

The only part that takes a while is the flat bottom parts because of the small step over. It depends on the design and how much is getting carved out.

Mixing a carve and a pocket on the same exact spot isn’t something I would do. Try a fully carved surface and only switch bits if you are going to cut it out.

Ok thanks