Finishing up my LR3. ybelt square/position advice

Hi there, I’m almost done assembling. I’ve decided in my build, since this will mount to my table saw table and i didn’t want the endstops and rail to potentially be an issue when not running, that I made 2 boards out of melamine that will screw into the saw table. boards are the length of the wood and cnc wont ever come into contact with the table saw unless it breaks past the endstops.

This should allow me to quickly disassemble and put in a cubby in my tool trailer, when not in use.

The wheel board only there for endstops and to keep the entire thing on the same z plane. then i’ll have a nice little cavity in the work area where i can slap a spoilboard down and still have full z height ( though at least for a long time I don’t see myself cutting more than 3/4" thick stock). I would like to iterate this board design to be more precise /fast for quick attach and remove later down the road, but if i screw it down to my table square and install my endstops hardware square, I don’t see me unscrewing and re-screwing a dozen times or so being a big issue.

I’ve been reading through the docs and re-reviewing the dimension images, however not finding anything regarding endstop placement in relation to the y axis. obviously on the front side where the stops are, make sure they are flush to the outer edge of the y-drive so endstops engage proper and offset from the edge of the table a bit to make sure the roller doesn’t come off the rail. And as square as possible to each other. on the rear stops, i guess it doesn’t really matter, just square as possible and also in enough to make sure rollers don’t go off the edge?

In my case i know my boards are square and as long as i install them square and measure /mount each side with the same offset, i should be good no? any thoughts?

here are the ‘rail’ boards. don’t mind the wiring. :slight_smile: just got my tft extension ribbons and 1/2 loom to finish that up once struts are cut

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Yup they are there to hold the belt and not let your machine drive off the edge. The instructions show 80mm in I think. The distance from the hose mounts to the stepper.

Yes, depending on the accuracy you require. Running a squaring check is easy enough. I have a link for a tool Jamie just made coming soon.