Firmware differences of z axis 1 and 2 motor

later on I want to build a cnc machine with just 1 motor for the z axis. How do you configure a 1 axis motor vs a 2 axis motor for the z axis. The lowrider has 2 z axis motors, I’m just wondering. If someone can give me examples of firmware configuring both side by side thanks you guys

The first thing is there are two kinds of firmware for the Low Rider:

  • Serial firmware means we allocate one driver for the X, one for Y and one for Z. This is how we have done things for a long time and it works very well. There isn’t a built in advantage of using two drivers for two motors if you wire them in series (at least, the torque on the motors is the same).
  • Dual endstop firmware. Where two drivers can help is if you want to use an endstop for each motor and drive them independently to move each motor until it is square. This is what Ryan was doing when he made the Dual endstop firmware.

In the serial firmware. You don’t have to change anything. You either wire one motor to the board, or two in series (not parallel).

In the Dual Endstop firmware, then you can either ignore it (and just not plug anything into the second Z driver at E1) or you can disable the second motor in Configuration_adv.h. If you want to use that E1 driver for another axis, then maybe the MPCNC Dual Endstop firmware would be a better place to start. Since it has 2X, 2Y, and 1Z.

So if I wanted to build a cnc with rails on the y and x axis, with z axis motor on the gantry. I can just do you said. ok. I was going to see later on in doing a real heavy duty cnc for real hard stuff like metal and such. thanks for getting back. I almost ready to put everything together on the lowrider I need to order a few idler pulleys and gears. I ordered the wrong bore size on the ones I got. I may try to drill them out on the drill press. enlarge my bit a little at a time. later