Firmware Differences

Can someone tell me the difference in the Marlin Firmware posted on the Vicious1 website and that of the Marlin Firmare out on GitHub - I.e. difference between and 1.1.0-RC7 “Jittery Jedi” ? I am still trying to get my TFT touchscreen to work with the Ramps 1.4 but still have not figured it out. Just wondering if there is something in the MPCNC version that could be causing it not to work as it supposed to work on the Marlin core firmware with no issues.

The one one the site has the reprap full graphic display, uncommented. Just search for mpcnc in the config.h and put the bars back “//”.

The end of config.h is a list of available screens, usually you pick one that suits you and uncomment it, some work out of the box.

The problem is that I cannot get any communication out of AUX1 and that is where this MKS TFT28 connects too.

I have the correct baud rate set for it matching Marlin at 250000 and the MKS TFT has the latest firmware.

I have a Gen 1.4v board coming today… I suspect it will be the same issue but will give it a try.

I know I’m just wasting time and effort on the TFT when I should just stick with the LCD since it works just fine.

Even after disabling the other display?

I have commented all of my changes they are mechanical and common, and only in the two config files.

Perhaps that was the problem… I didn’t disable.

I gave up and sent the stuff back … will stick with the LCD.

Worked for me first try, I got a Ramps board w/ screen drivers and end stops kit from banggood, compiled it up…screen was blank…went thru the configuration.h found those two // for full graphics display, removed them…recompiled, uploaded and viola…like a boss

vicious1 makes it easy even this knuckle dragging Marine could understand! Awesome!

I do have to go thru and set my drivers for 1/16 step though because I only have the A4988 vs the drv8825 drivers

But it’s more or less just divide everything by 2
for 1/32 steps

Even 3D printed a nifty little case for it

For help with Kris’s question…ran across this in reprap forums,634909

Hope that helps