Firmware finagling

While I await the permanent installation of my MPCNC, I’ve been monkeying with the UI of Marlin to suit my needs, and I wondered if any of the following thoughts/ideas/tweaks would help anyone else.

You know how, when working without end stops, you manually move the head to where you want it to start? I’ve been doing that with “Move Axis” and generally the device wants to move back to 0,0,0 before starting the G-Code. I got around this by hitting reset on the RAMPS or disconnecting/reconnecting with the software before launching g-code, but I’ve now added an option to the Prepare menu labeled “Reset Home” that sends “G92 X0 Y0 Z0” so that the MPCNC is all zeroed out without a reset.

Also, I had trouble moving precisely, thanks to every indent of the knob moving the axis by 4 instead of 1. I went through and fixed that by fiddling with the Encoder Pulses Settings.

Should I dig up all the changes I made and share them, or were my issues/desires uniquely mine?

That option is already in the LCD firmware. Button says “set home offsets” If you are using software you can just send the script “G92 X0 Y0 Z0”. The newest firmware I posted has the knob pulses slowed down as well.

Adding things to marlin is tough, then you would need to keep up with all the firmware updates with your mods.

Is the newest firmware the beta or “B16_32_fullG-112515”?

Mine must have been not-quite right, because when I did the “Set Home Offsets” it just beeped and a test drawing moved back to the old location (then reset, actually…) and it definitely had the encoder issues when it showed up. As long as all that’s set up and happy in the latest version, I’ll do a firmware refresh when I calibrate during final installation and bring things back in line with everyone else.

That is the newest one I suggest people use, but you should try the beta if you are unhappy with specific settings.