Firmware for laser usage

I remember reading awhile ago that there was a certain firmware level that seemed to work better when using a laser. Something about LCD update timing. Does anyone remember what level that was and where I can download it?


I think we sorted all that out. I don’t remember the details but pretty sure there are no more issues.

Ok. Reason I asked is that when I was using the image2gcode software my MPCNC visibly changes speeds when processing the image. On the diagonal I can see it changing speeds. I thought this might be a firmware item. Not sure what I am running at the moment, but it is at least a year old.

The accelerations kick in when the laser turns on and off. The issue at the time was rough stuttering as the buffer needed to keep up with the ultra high rate of commands. Lower resolution and slightly lower speeds also solved it, explaining why I never really saw the issue until I replicated others settings.

I think I’ve noticed a definite change in MPCNC speed depending on however dense or dark the image was at that point. I never really thought it was a problem.

Do your images turn out OK?

If I had a decent image to start with and was patient enough to tweak the settings, the final image was amazing.

I have been tweaking speed and intensity range to get a good picture (too dark right now). The last time I tried I noticed what I would describe as a “weave” in the picture.



It’s been a while since I played with the software but have you tried decreasing the resolution? We had a discussion at one point about the actual spot size and maximum resolution possible was a lot lower than we thought. I know it’s hard but if you can get a picture of it someone might recognize the problem and offer up a a solution.

The other thing you can do is try increasing the Jerk value in the firmware a little bit. That will allow instant changes to happen.