Firmware for Lowrider on RAMPS 1.4

Hey everybody,

as my parts arrive time after time, i got my ramps 1.4 kit today.
I searched for the Firmware on the Vicious1 Website, but didn´t find a specific Firmware for that board and the Lowrider.
(Might be blind)

IF there is any configured Firmware - Where to get it? :slight_smile:

And : is the Resistor on the extruder Out still needed? Couldn´t the Extruder Temp. set to 0 in Firmware?

And : i think i need two jumpers under each motor driver to allow 16th stepping, right? :slight_smile:

thank you for your help!

Will post pictures as soon as i start the build! (Might be the first one in Germany? - Haven´t seen one - Atleast not online)



Firmware is here,

With the new firmware no resistor is needed.

The firmware is set for 32nd stepping.

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The firmware for the MPCNC works for it.

It uses the T8 for the Z, and it’s configured for 1/32nd stepping, which is all three jumpers. Otherwise, it’s just a change in the steps/mm.

You’ll want the one without the EB in the name, and then you don’t need the resistor.

Currently, the name of that is “MPCNC511_GLCD_EB_T8”. Make sure you also adjust the stepper driver voltages if you didn’t get the ramps from Ryan.

AFAIK, it’s the first Low Rider, but there are a few helpful folks here with MPCNCs in Germany.

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thank you guys!! :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted!