Bonjour à tous

Mon problème est quel firmware prendre avec une carte arduino + ramps 1.4.

Toute ma machine est prête il me reste cet élément à choisir ainsi que les paramétrages à réaliser si vous avez des informations à ce sujet je suis intéressé


Hello everyone My problem is what firmware to take with an arduino card + 1.4 ramps. All my machine is ready I still have this item to choose and the settings to make if you have information about it I’m interested Regards


Hello and welcome!

This question is better suited to the “Advice” or “Software” forum categories - “Troubleshooting” usually means you have already built the machine and are having problems.

More information is needed to fully answer your question. Are you planning on dual endstops? Ryan has a link to his github for various configurations here:


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