First 2D contour with Fusion

Hi all. It’s not a work of high art or technical skill but I have me a Batman coat hook back plate for a treehouse. It’s my second cut with the machine (first was a plain circle haha)

Thanks to Ryan for all the time and efforts for sharing this machine, it’s a lot of fun for a new user. Next some tweaking and to get stuck into Fusion 360 - ears on this are not exactly right yet. Have a good day to all


It appears you have the path direction reversed, so it is cutting on the inside of the line when it should be cutting on the outside. Note the direction of the arrow when you select the contour, if it does this you can click the arrow to reverse it.


Oh my haha, I’d shake your hand in person, that’s exactly it, looking at the simulation closer. One more thing learnt today. Tim, you’re a gentleman, thanks for your help. Cheers

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Nice job! Keep it up. You’re going to do very well!

My next suggestion was going to be simulation! Glad you already know about it. No sweat!

Hey J, look at getting some endmills. The flat router bit will work, but endmills will work better.