First 3D print

I think I need to level the build area a bit more because I’m having parts pull up in the upper right corner while printing.
Made it about 1/3rd of the way through my print when the X axis suddenly went to straight to the top of it’s range for no reason, had to cancel the print but up to that point it was going very well. :slight_smile:

Great design, this has been very fun to build!

Looks great, Kent!

How did you embed the video? I just tried but couldn’t get it to work.



I just pasted my YouTube link at the top of the post and when I hit post it embedded it. ?

Thanks, Kent! Worked for me too!

I’m looking forward to someday hanging an extruder on this thing. Probably wait until I have something BIG to build, though!

Thanks again!


Some of the first things I was able to print without any issues, I have to print the raft or all my prints fail about midway through.
Not a big deal just annoying.

Two fun items from Thingiverse:
Pumpkin: (Scaled down to 0.25% in size)


Fails because it comes off the bed? I’m in a really cold garage, I might have to get a heated bed. So far using a brim of 3mm has worked on blue tape wiped with alcohol.

The prints look great. Mine has been printing leg parts for the machine kits, holding up great. I am actually going to build another so I can start milling again!

The first few layers don’t seem to stick really well without the raft and if they do stick I get about 40% of the way through a print and it just pops off the bed and starts moving around.

The raft makes it stick hard the whole time, it’s even tough to remove sometimes when it’s done so I know it’s holding well.

I think I need to work on getting everything perfectly level, I’m pretty close now but my back right corner also comes up and won’t stick which is clearly a level issue since front left corner works great.

If you don’t want to mill your bed level, you can do it with another piece of wood, glass, aluminum, heat bed, whatever,4 screws, 4 springs. like-

That way its easy to go back to milling and not be worried about gouging your print bed.