First big piece

Hi all, I have built an MPCNC Primo, the 25mm version (F if I recall correctly).
Here are a pair of photos of a foam tombstone I made a pair of days ago.

It’s a 40x60 cm piece of high density foam I made for halloween. My 5 years old daughter loves it!!!

I had made some things before on wood, but I had a lot of troubles (as a noob on CNC, almost all were my fault).
I didn’t bought the parts from Ryan as shipping to Spain is so expensive, but I’m very grateful for all his work and for sharing it! :wink:
(The text is in spanish, it says: “You ____-2021 For eating so much candies”


Love it!!

Here’s a photo of it painted

Now seems that I have identified most sources of the troubles I was having.
I will post some new things of I have time for making them!


Very nicely done! This is so great to see such things there. How long it took you to make it?

Hi, about an hour more or less. As it is foam it can do it in only one 5mm pass.

Wow! You are very talented I must say. I thought you spent a good amount of the day. My respect to you, sir!

Well, I may be have misunderstood you, je je.
It was an hour milling the foam. Designing it, despite it’s a simple piece took almost another hour (I’m not much skilled in Inkscape) and the most labour intensive part was doing the toolpaths in Estlcam (one and a half hour approx.)


It’s still good speed by you. You are just too shy :smiley: