first build in Zhongshan,China

This is my 1st build mpcnc, and with a ramps and nema 42 stepper. Now got some problem, the table is slip, and need to adjust more times. now i ready to make this as a remote transfer 3D printer. as the pics say, I am using estlcam to draw something , MPCNC is a good structure like ultimaker, can high up the speed and accurate.

I don’t know where the pics should put, so I upload as my convinient.

Wow, a big one. Looks good.

牛逼 !

But I think you will have problems when printing, because the structure will not be rigid enough.
You need to find a way to make it more rigid, luckily your table is almost the same size as your machine, so you can put some vertical wood boards, to make an enclosure around your machine, and then attach your tubes to it. I think you may have better results this way.

But at some point, your Z axis is quite long, so don’t expect it to compete with an ultimaker or you will be disappointed.


You gave me a very good advises! Thank you, I using the 23.5mm conduit but it has gap there, and long distance Z make it a little shake. many problem waiting here .

I saw your post before , It is a very 牛逼 的. 我借了你的图参考, thank you again.

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it “looks” good now, but will 'looks’better.