First Build

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d share my first 3d Printer :slight_smile: taken a while to get it put together for first print but very happy so far.

First print was a 1cm box just to check it prints and then thought I’d jump in deep and print Benchy. First print was rubbish but later realised I forgot to select the correct profile for filament (things like 3mm filament setting when I have 1.75!). Round 2 using correct settings made a massive difference and I’m very happy to have this for a first print. Feedback welcome as I’m sure it can do a lot better and I think I have missed something for the bottom layers as it isn’t solid so will sink.

The first print also jumped part way through, not sure what caused this but I will be cutting Y-Plate this week as I only have a scrap piece cut and drilled by hand so may be slightly off alignment.

Next up is rewire and tidy everything up and then print the bottom corners for the printer and a extruder mount as it is hacked together which may or may not be causing the odd bit of movement (FYI printed parts I had done at local library).

I like it! Get a few more prints in and if you still think you need some improvements drop in some more pics and we can nit pick at it! Right now that benchy does not look terrible to me.